Whole blocks of amber are often found in the open sea. Since the blocks have roughly the same density as sea water, they are sometimes almost completely immersed and can only be seen intermittently. Each piece of ambregris is unique. It is also an evolutionary material and as time passes it develops a true perfume of its own. It is not only an odour ingredient that adds depth and roundness to a perfume composition; it also acts as a "fixative" and an "exalter". It helps to bring the complex range of olfactive notes together and to diffuse the final creation into the ambience.

What we do

Sourcing of genuine and high-quality ambergris has gained us the reputation of a trustworthy, reliable supplier for amber related industries. Our expertise includes of beach casting to packaging and shipping the product carefully to various destinations across the globe.

  • We source only 100% genuine marine casted Ambergris
  • Various quality checks and testings are performed with every batch collected
  • No whales or sea creatures would be harmed during the souring process
  • Storage of the product in either wooden or hard-board boxes, wrapped in cotton wool for careful shipment
  • Partnered shipping and logistics service providers for distribution to any country or city